Value Proposition

The following features contribute to the firm’s
competitive advantage and consistent performance:

Proprietary macroeconomic methodology, where we examine the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of global economies as a whole.

Utilization of Scenario Planning, which helps mitigate against global event risk by examining what market reactions may occur in response to unexpected future events—whether political, economic, or social.

Conservative portfolio management, to protect and grow assets for our clients.

Inclusive, team-based investment process, to benefit from the collective insight and diversity of thought of our experienced professionals.

Consistent, time-tested philosophy that is definable and repeatable. Although global fixed income is often hard to track and difficult to predict, our methodology allows us to repeatedly find opportunities.


Our investment philosophy and process are consistently applied to all client portfolios. We have a two-decade track record of performance in our flagship products (Core and Opportunistic Core) and have stood at the forefront of plus sector (high-yield and emerging market debt) investing for more than 25 years. All strategies are offered in a separately managed account vehicle, which allows LM Capital to build customized solutions for our clients:

– Opportunistic Core (Core+)

LMCOX – Core+ Mutual Fund

– Active Core

– Short Term

– Emerging Market Debt

– Intermediate