Investing While Waiting for a Rising Rate Environment

By Patrick Faul, Director – Research, September 19, 2017.

“Mr. Godot told me to tell you he won’t come this evening but surely tomorrow.”- Samuel Beckett


Over the last several years, many bond market participants have waited impatiently for the arrival of higher rates. It is easy for all issuers to sell bonds when the biggest buyers do not make decisions based upon the rates of the bonds they are buying. When central banks do stop buying bonds to keep rates low, there is a good chance rates will actually rise, and sellers will find buyers to be more selective. The end of government intervention (Quantitative Easing) is eagerly awaited so that investors can go back to what they learned from their now-dusty finance textbooks.

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Active Fixed-Income Fund Management: There’s Nothing Passive About It

By Luis Maizel – Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director, LM Capital Group

“Should investors prefer active fixed income investment management strategies over a passive fixed income investment strategy?”


R-I-S-K. In the world of investments, it’s the four-letter word we each try to minimize. Active fixed income investment management has the ability to reduce some or most of the risks that often unknowingly plague passive investors.

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