We embrace globalism to our clients’ advantage.

—Luis Maizel, Senior Managing Director

Firm History

LM Capital Group was founded by Luis Maizel and John Chalker to provide fixed income investment management services to investors. The firm is an employee-owned minority business—with consistent senior management—servicing public funds, corporations, and foundations. By utilizing a long-term, global macroeconomic methodology to assemble concentrated portfolios, LM Capital provides clients with what it believes are among the most attractive investment opportunities. Our proprietary portfolio construction process further allows us to weather the volatility of the global bond markets in order to protect and grow assets for our clients over the long term. The firm also distinguishes itself by encouraging ongoing client communication with key professionals within the LM Capital organization, including access to senior management and portfolio managers. We partner with our clients to offer a boutique service model.


LM Capital employs an active management style that bases investment decisions on a top-down analysis—examining the structure, performance, behavior, and decision-making of the global economy. We believe that through understanding the underlying global economic factors driving the performance of each sector and region, our investment professionals can take optimal advantage of market anomalies and inefficiencies, thus enhancing returns and minimizing risk. Our investment approach rests on the conviction that money represents a commodity where price, or interest rate, is governed by the laws of supply and demand, and that global economic, political, and social factors significantly influence this equation.

Our Investment Process