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LM Capital Group, LLC is a San Diego-based investment advisory firm registered under the Investment Advisory Act of 1940. The firm was founded in 1989 by Luis Maizel and John Chalker to provide fixed income investment management services to the institutional investor. The firm is a 100% employee owned minority business, employed by public agencies, corporations and foundations nationwide.   Read More
Investment Philosophy
Today, as never before, the world's capital markets are interrelated and interdependent. Political and social events play as significant a role in financial markets as economic factors. LM Capital Group utilizes a global, fundamental, macroeconomic approach to the fixed income markets. The investment process is augmented by the use of Global Scenario Planning, a structured, team based methodology that serves as a qualitative risk management tool to examine potential events and their impact on our portfolios. LM Capital Group's investment performance demonstrates that consistent application of this process adds value for our clients over the long term. LM Capital Group believes this process to be a suitable, long-term, conservative management style that responds to long-term fundamental trends. It is risk averse, yet globally comprehensive in nature.
Asset Allocation Approach
Individual security selections are based upon specific criteria developed by our Investment Strategy Group. LM Capital Group performs screening techniques to help identify the types of securities that fit within the investment policy structure. Bonds are then evaluated on the basis of duration, convexity, call features, quality, yield-to-maturity, and other factors to ensure that each security meets the investment guidelines and embodies both the client and LM Capital Group’s investment policies. Technical analysis is employed only after a decision to buy or sell a security has been made; it is used to gauge current market sentiment and relative strength. With this method, tactical market entry and exit points can be identified.
Sell Discipline
Aside from portfolio duration adjustments or sector reallocations, individual issues may be sold based upon changes in the security versus LM Capital Group's bond criteria. With this in mind, a change in credit quality, valuation or liquidity may trigger the Investment Strategy Group to sell a bond from the portfolio.

Although LM Capital Group spends a great deal of time exploring the impact of potential political, social and economic events through its Global Scenario Planning process, it does not make radical changes in reaction to near-term movements. LM Capital Group focuses on long-term investment trends.

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"We embrace globalism to our clients' advantage" - Luis Maizel, Senior Managing Director